When is Laser Tag opening at Airtastic Kildare?

Laser Tag is opening at Airtastic Kildare this July!

What should I wear at Ultimate Challenges?

Please be aware a number of our challenge rooms involve physical activity - therefore we recommend wearing light, comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement and suitable flat footwear that must be worn at all times.

When are you open?

Each centre operates different opening hours during term time and school holidays – please check out the location pages for further info!







Where are you located?

Bangor (NI), Belfast (NI), Craigavon (NI), Lisburn (NI), Kildare (ROI) & Cork (ROI) - check out our locations pages for further information.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, secure lockers are available at all Airtastic centres. These are free to use.

Which centres have Inflatables?

Airtastic Bangor, Belfast and Cork all have an inflatable park, full of fun inflatable activities. In Bangor & Cork you can also enjoy our ninja park, interactive challenges and more!

Which centres have Trampolines?

Airtastic Craigavon has trampolines, as well as a ninja park, giant air bag, slides, ball games and more.

Which centres have Ten Pin Bowling?

Airtastic Cork, Airtastic Kildare, Airtastic Belfast, Airtastic Craigavon and Airtastic Lisburn have Bowling. Check out our location pages for full details.

Which centres have Mini Golf?

Airtastic Cork, Airtastic Kildare and Airtastic Craigavon have Mini Golf. Check out our location pages for full details.

Which centres have Laser Tag?

Airtastic Lisburn & Airtastic Belfast have Laser Tag with a brand new arena opening at Airtastic Kildare this July!

Which centres have Ultimate Challenges?

Airtastic Lisburn

Which centres have Amusements?

Airtastic Cork, Airtastic Kildare, Airtastic Belfast, Airtastic Craigavon and Airtastic Lisburn have amusements. Check out our location pages for full details.

Are there changing rooms available?

Yes, there are toilet facilities available in all Airtastic centres where you can get changed.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes we have free customer Wi-Fi in all of our centres! Please be aware our Wi-Fi networks in our centres are shared by all customers. We kindly ask that you do not use it to stream video content during busy times.

Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes, we accept both.

What is the lightest bowling ball?

Our smallest ball is 6 which is 6lb (almost 3kg) in weight. We do have ramps that help kids to push the ball at speed instead of bowling by hand, and bumpers that stop the balls going into the gutter.

Are you open on bank holidays?

Yes! We are open all year round – with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing/Stephens Day & Easter Sunday. However, please check with your local centre as other days may apply.

Do I need to book in advance?

We highly recommended booking in advance to ensure you can jump, bowl and golf when you want. Weekends and holidays sell out in advance and walk-ins cannot be accommodated if we are sold out.

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Lost and found

If you have lost anything at our centres please email us at  [email protected] with the subject ‘Lost Property’, along with the centre location and a description of the lost item.

We do not take responsibility for anything lost at our centres.

What do I do if my birthday party or booking reduces in numbers?

Under these extraordinary circumstances we understand that this may happen at short notice. We will work with you on these occasions to find the best solution for your reservation.

Is my booking refundable or transferrable?

Please see our terms and conditions for details of our cancellation and refund policy. If you have further questions about this please email your local centre.

I don’t have a credit/debit card. Can I pay with cash when I get there?

Yes, you can pay with cash. However, we do recommend calling into us in advance, to book and pay by cash to avoid disappointment. By not pre-booking you run the risk of missing out if we are sold out on the day.

How many people can bowl on one lane?

Up to 6 people can bowl on one lane.

What time should I arrive for my booking?

We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your booked jump time to check in, watch the safety briefing and get ready for your session.

Is Airtastic safe?

Safety is the number one priority at Airtastic. For details see our Safety section.

What is the age limit?

Our main Open Air Trampoline/Inflata areas have a minimum age restriction of 5 years.

4 year olds can access main Open Air area if accompanied by an adult. They must wear an orange bib. They can also use the Little Air section if their parent needs to take a break.

Our Little Air area of our Trampoline/Inflata Parks is suitable for different ages depending on the centre.

Little Air Belfast - 1 to 4 years old

Little Air Cork - 2 to 4 years old

Little Air Craigavon - 3 to 4 years old

Our Soft Play centres in Bangor, Craigavon & Belfast are suitable for those under 4 foot 7 inches. In Airtastic Kildare the Soft Play centre is suitable for those under 11 years of age.

You can enjoy ten pin Bowling and Mini Golf at any age although we suggest that given the weight of bowling balls, the minimum age for a child to bowl is 4 yrs.

Ultimate Challenges is suitable for those aged 6 and above. We do though feel our challenges are best suited to those aged 9 years and above for better understanding and game experience.
Children under 9 must have an accompanying adult also playing on the team!

Laser Tag is suitable for those aged 6 to 106 and it's just as much fun for all age ranges.

Can I jump with a medical condition?

Please do not take part if you have any pre-existing medical conditions including breathing, heart, back, neck, bone or muscle conditions

If you have any sort of medical condition that may affect your ability to safely jump on a trampoline/inflatables, you must consult a doctor first.

Can I jump if I am pregnant?

No - this is for the safety of both the jumper and the unborn child.

Is there a weight and height limit?

Based on the trampoline and inflatable manufacturer’s safety standards, the weight limit for an individual jumper at Airtastic is 122kg (19 stone 3 pounds). Our policy is to recommend that anyone with individual weight-related concerns consult a physician and receive medical clearance for rigorous physical activity on an unstable surface before engaging in Trampoline and/or Inflata/Ninja activities or jumping at Airtastic. There is no height limit because the ceiling is just so incredibly high!

Do you have a printable waiver?

All centres have a printable waiver which can be printed and completed at home or completed in the centre on the day of your visit. Please note the printed waivers are only valid on the day the participants are enjoying their bounce sessions. Find the waivers here.

What should I wear?

For bouncing something comfortable, such as exercise or workout clothing. Airtastic Trampoline or Inflata Grip Socks must be worn in the bouncing arena. We sell Airtastic grip socks at reception with “grippy” bottoms that help you get the most out of your jumping experience and help to keep you safe. Price is £1.50/€1.50 a pair. Jump socks and tops must be worn at all times. We advise that all bouncers wear long sleeves to protect from friction burns while enjoying our Inflata Parks. Please note only Airtastic Inflata Grip socks and Airtastic Trampoline Grip socks can be worn in the Airtastic Entertainment Centres.

For Mini Golf suitable footwear should be worn when on the course. We recommend close-toed footwear with good grips on the sole. Please assess your own footwear prior to taking part.

Laser tag can be quite physically demanding depending on the individual and it can get hot and sticky so light, comfortable clothes are advisable.

For our Ultimate Challenges a number of the challenge rooms involve physical activity - therefore we recommend wearing light, comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement, and staying cool. Suitable flat footwear must also be worn at all times.

Why do I need to wear those grippy jumping socks?

Our Trampoline jumping socks have been designed to increase grip on the trampolines, reducing the risk of injury especially on our wall trampolines.

Our Inflata grip socks are designed to give you grip running up slides and beat the wall but also to allow you to slide down them without getting stuck.

We want our customers to be as safe as possible. The socks cost just £1.50/€2.00 and are yours to keep and re-use!

Can I wear glasses whilst bouncing?

Yes you can - it’s important to see but they may fall off, so wear them at your own risk.

Is jumping at Airtastic good for me?

Yes! Trampolining and bouncing are some of the best forms of exercise there are!

Can anyone use the NY Kitchen/NY Urban Pizza Restaurant?

Of course! Anyone can enjoy a delicious meal in NY Kitchen in Airtastic Cork, Kildare, Craigavon & Belfast or a Pizza at NY Urban Pizza in Lisburn. You don't have to play golf or bowl to visit our restaurants - they're all tasty attractions of their own!

Check out our menus here!

Can I bring my own food and drink?

For health and safety reasons no food and drink can be brought into the centre (with the exception of birthday cake for parties booked, baby milk and baby food). We have a fully operational café in all our parks to meet your requirements.

What about drinking in the trampoline/inflata/golf/laser or Ultimate Challenges areas?

Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in our bounce/mini golf/laser tag and Ultimate Challenges areas, as they may cause spillages leading to accidents.

Can anyone use the cafe facilities?

No, only those who accompany a paying customer have access to our café facilities.

Can adults bounce?

Absolutely, we encourage all parents/guardians to use the activities and experience the bouncing fun with their kids. All park rules must apply – for details see our  Safety section.  Normal admission prices will apply.

What can I do when my kids/friends are jumping?

In all our parks  we have an excellent café with a viewing gallery over the park, allowing you to see every bounce, flip and twist your kids/friends make while you can sit back in comfort, with an excellent cup of coffee or slice of cake.

At Airtastic Cork, Craigavon and Belfast you can enjoy delicious food and drinks from our NY Kitchen restaurant or NY Urban Pizza in Lisburn, whilst you're at the bowling lanes.

Is there car parking?

Yes, all our centres have very good parking facilities which make it easy for both parents and children to gain access to our centres.

Are you a drop off facility?

No, we at Airtastic do not at any time take responsibility for the supervision of children. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to remain on the premises at all times and supervise their children.

Do you host birthday parties?

Yes, we host birthday parties for all ages from aged 5 right up to your Granny’s 105th birthday – see the Parties webpage for more details!

I want to hold a child’s birthday party at Airtastic – what do I do next?
  • Check out our party info pages
  • Check availability either online or email your local centre
  • You can either book online or call in to your local Airtastic Centre to book the party
  • Please note that all bookings are paid for in advance
  • Party invitations are provided on our website
Are there minimum numbers of children required for your birthday parties?

Yes, we require a minimum of 10 children for a standard party Bowling, Laser Tag, Ultimate Challenges, Soccer, Inflata or Trampoline or Soft Play Party.

There is a minimum of 20 people required for Private Parties.

How long do your birthday parties last?

Our Trampoline, Inflata, Bowling & Mini Golf birthday parties last for 90 minutes. During this time you will be entitled to 60 minutes of your chosen activity followed by 30 minutes in the party room. For Inflata & Trampoline parties we also advise that you arrive 30 minutes before your party start time to check in, complete any waivers and watch our safety briefing video.

An Ultimate Challenges party consists of 1 hour of activity followed by 30 minutes in the private party room. Please note we require you to arrive 30 minutes before your party time for check in and safety briefing.

Laser Tag parties last for 2 games (60 minutes) followed by 30 minutes in the private party room. Please note we require you to arrive 30 minutes before your party time for check in and safety briefing. When playing two games, there will be a short break between games where you will come back to the vesting room and check your scores and get ready for a new game.

Our Soft Play Parties last for 2 hours. This includes 90 minutes of Soft Play fun followed by 30 minutes in the party room.

Can I self-cater for my child’s birthday party?

Unfortunately no, due to health and safety regulations. However, we do offer a great value birthday package.

Can I bring cake and party bags to my child’s party?

Yes! We only provide the party food for your party. All parents are required to bring along to the main event are the birthday cake and any extras they wish to have! (Please don’t bring any knives as we will cut it for you)

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