Capability & Special Assistance Policy

At Air-tastic we want to welcome anyone aged 3 and over onto our parks. However, whilst our trampoline parks are designed to be accessible to most people they do offer a degree of physical and mental challenge, and do require a degree of physical fitness and co ordination. All participants need to be able to climb a number of steps, be capable of bouncing accurately on a trampoline, exit air bags and stand up on moving surfaces, all without physical assistance.

For some people with additional support requirements this may mean that additional equipment and/ or levels of supervision will be required for safe participation. For others the risks of injury may still be too great despite taking such additional measures, preventing their use of the course.

It is also important that all customers are able to understand and can apply the safety briefing that they receive before they use the activities. If the safety instructions and advice are not fully understood and followed a customer is at risk of serious injury or death.  To view our park safety rules please see our safety section.

Due to our park safety rules you will only be able to partake in the activities if;

  • You are in good physical condition
  • You have not have any pre-existing medical conditions including breathing, heart, back, neck (to include atlanto-axial instability*), bone or muscle conditions
  • You are not pregnant
  • You weigh less than 19stone and 3lb
  • You do not lie or sit on the trampoline beds (this will mean you need to be able to stand and support your own body weight)
  • You must complete a personal risk acknowledgeable form/waiver.

The team at Air-tastic are not medically qualified and may not be able to fully assess the capacity of individual participants with additional support requirements to undertake an activity. It remains your responsibility to undertake an assessment prior to undertaking the activity. This must be done so with a member of our management team so that we are able to support any requirements you may need, and if they can be accommodated. Air-tastic will deal with each customer on an individual basis and use all information that is provided by the customer with regards to their own capability and personal health requirements.

In each case we will try to accommodate all additional support requirements; however we do need to ensure the safety of the park, and must consider all other customers within the park at the time of request. With this in mind if this conflicts with individual needs we must give the park safety a priority.

*Atlanto-axial instability – neck instability commonly associated with Down’s syndrome.

These are the symptoms you need to look out for:

  • Pain at a spot near the hard bump behind the ear
  • A stiff neck which doesn’t get better quickly
  • Unusual head posture
  • Changes in the way a person walks so that they may look unsteady on their feet
  • Change in a person’s ability to manipulate things with their hands

Trampolining may cause more of a risk to people with this condition than others. An assessment must be completed by a member of our management team alongside a parent/guardian of the participant to ensure that they do not present any of the above symptoms and are fit and able to partake in the activities provided.