Physical Challenges

Combination of speed, strength & stamina has to confront the time pressure, with only purpose to make all players reach their limits!


Use the climbing handles in order to cross the room without touching the red floor and cross the horizontal bar before the time expires.

Golden Gate Bridge

Team working and smart thinking will help you cross the "golden gate bridge" and drive you to the final destination before the time expires.

Gym Tonic

Strength, stamina and speed are the basic ingredients in order to make a perfect «Gym Tonic».

Knock Out

Βe smart and quick in order to avoid the ‘knockout’.

Laser Maze

Agility, quick thinking and speed will be the key ingredients in order to pass through a field with a web of Laser beams, without “tripping” one of the beams and activating the red alarm.

Lava Land

Fire Alert ! Stay off the floor when you hear the emergency sound. Connecting the tubes on the screen will help you survive from the hot lava as the temperature rises when the time goes down.

Red Ropes Area

Α wrong move could have a cost for the team. Βe accurate and fast in order to pass through the black ropes without touching any of the red ropes as fast as possible.

Restricted Area

Caution! Don't touch the restricted area in the ground! The red alarm will trigger and you will lose the challenge.

Speed Barrels

Have you ever reached your limits by running? In this Challenge you will reach them for sure.

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