Skills Challenges

In this category accuracy wins! Stability, perception, patience & focus on target will be the key elements in order for all players to gather the highest score!

7 Blocks

Be quick and use the cubes inside the room to form the correct block as shown on screen. Once the block is constructed inside the room , the one at the screen will start falling.

Bubble Trouble

Act fast and complete the words in the screen and trouble will disappear like a bubble!

Buzzer Beater

Score as many baskets as you can before the “Buzzer Beater”.

Colour Twist

Colour steps game challenges you to put your hands and feet at different places on the coloured floor without falling over. Focus on the construction at the wall which will show you your next move, place your hands and feet at the correct positions, stand over and grab the win!!!

Crazy Circuit

Road to success is not easy and straight some times. Start and End points are indicated and your task is pretty simple. Focus, hold steady the Magic Ring and complete the route without losing all your lives!

Crystal Maze

Tilt the playfield and guide the ball into the correct hole! There is not only one hole!!

Fill it

The boxes are seven and the time is limited! Speed and good cooperation will be needed in order to turn on the green light!

Hit Ball

Rolling the balls and score into the holes!

Lights On

Good perception and quick reaction is the key to pass the ‘’Lights On’’

Shooting Farm

"Spinning" as fast as you can in order to power the guns, shoot the targets and gather as many points as possible. Stop wishing... start "spinning".

Slingshot Madness

Welcome to Cubio’s room! Spot the targets between his favourite belongings, aim and shoot from your slings at the archery targets and collect as many points as you can. Slingshooters are you ready?


Will you achieve to beat the goalkeeper and beat this challenge?


Accuracy wins! Focus on the rotating targets and put as more balls as you can inside them!

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